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Dafne Marilù Amalia is an Italian American artist with a passion for art, drawing, graphic novels and crafting miniature models since she was a child.


Once finished her studies at the school of Comic Book and Graphic Arts in Milan (Italy) she flew to the United States and stayed there for many years to come. Los Angeles (CA) became her home, art and fine art her profession.

Dafne is currently working on a project that unifies her love for graphic novels and miniature models called “Witch Island”- check out WITCH ISLAND STORIES.

Dafne is also highly passionate (obsessed perhaps?) about ancient Rome’s history, art and engineering wonders and relatively recently has discovered a love for its military technics and now joins a legion, this inspiring her to new ROMAN MILITARY ART.


Check out Dafne’s Roman art page DECIMA TAURINA CEALESTIS.

Dafne Marilu Amalia Nesti
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